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Basic Profile

  • Name: HedonPrincess
  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Female


  • Categories: Submissives, Findom, Role Play
  • Body: Petite
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Weight: 50kg (110 lbs)
  • Height: 162cm (5'3")
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Orientation: Bisexual

Languages spoken

  • English

About My Show

I am Eve the Hedon Princess. One day you may see my couples show HedonLovers (also my b/g videos), but for now it is just you and me. I am ready to explore our deepest sexual desires together. I have always been a bit fascinated with sex and indulged in kinky fantasies for as long as I can remember... when I say I am open minded, I mean it. I have a wide variety of strange fetishes that I am often too shy to say aloud.

I am a real American girl with an intriguing mind. I truly enjoy talking with you about your life and our sexual fantasies, So please don't be shy because I will always respond as soon as I see your message in free chat! I do split cam so please be understanding if I am performing for or chatting with people on another site. I would never intend to ignore you; I truly appreciate everyone who watches and participates. I will gladly PM you (if you tip the amount on my menu) in more detail about any fetishes you see in the following list that might interest you so that we can either schedule a private show or do one right now. I am ALWAYS accepting private shows. Since this site allows peeing, If there is anyone who is into that I would love to let you watch and even c2c with you and watch you!
There is so much that my show can offer you, vanilla or kinky!

What Turns Me On

It is amazing that there is a platform here for people to perform real fetish acts live without so many rules! I have never been able to do these things that I fantasize about live until now, I hope!
My fetishes only get more tabboo the more I indulge in my fantasies... I don't know why, but I have always had a certain fascination with the penis and I love watching men pee (inside and out)...I would love to pee for you and c2c with you. I have always loved watching men masturbate online, even when they couldn't see me and I shouldn't have been first I only liked watching the typically fit type of man with a large cock, my tastes in porn slowly shifted as I was getting into it... I began watching older, larger men with small or micro penises. I love SPH and cuckold, but since I have a fetish for small penises, I would love the chance to worship a small cock because I truly love them and he believe cocks of all sizes should be loved.
I love the daddy/older type. No one is too old for me.
DD/lg, MD/lb are definitely fantasies of mine.
I do have plenty of long ropes. I can do a few basic ties on my own, but if you want full body tie I would have to schedule a couples show and it would be a whole thing so I'm not sure when I will be able to offer that.
Regardless of what it says here that turns me on, I want to know what turns YOU on so please write in chat or send a private tip message.

What Turns Me Off

I am very friendly and try to accommodate everyone, so it is easy to keep me happy. This is also rules.

- Please no requests or demanding without tipping first.
- If you are a guest user, please create a free account before you chat with me so that I know what to call you. If I am busy I may have to prioritize users who have an account and tip to PM me and I wouldn't want to make you feel ignored.
- I do split cam, so please be mindful that I am chatting with and flashing/performing for other paying users and may have to respond to them before I see your message, but I will ALWAYS get back to you as soon as I see you. Please follow me on FL or Twitter to message me about anything as well.

My Expertise

Daddy Dom/little girl, c2c Pee play (you watch me pee, I watch you do whatever you are comfortable with), Small Penis Worship or Humiliation. While I am a natural sub, I would also love to dominate in any way you would like, just tell me what turns you on! I do need a FinDom Pay Pig if you're out there Daddy...

Tip menu

***Now Taking Period Play Private Shows STARTING 9/28, Even if I'm not Online, MESSAGE IF INTERESTED! 8K/Minute, 5 minute Minimum***

Public Chat:
PM: 1K.
Show Feet: 2k
Oil Feet/Suck Toes/Lick Feet (or other foot request): 3K.
Flash Breasts: 3K
Oil Breasts: 4k.
Flash Ass: 5k.
Oil Ass: 6k.
Flash Kitty: 6k.
Oil Kitty: 9K.
Tease Dance (your song or mine): 6.5k, TOPLESS 12K.
Cum Denial 1 week: 50K.
Counter Cum Denial: 75K.
Non Nude Vanilla Request: 25K.
Non Nude Fetish Request 40K.
Lick Dildo: 20K

*5 Minute Minimum, or tip to make up time*

Due to the mostly Private Nature of this website, please write in public chat or tip to PM about what you would like in private. Once we discuss your fantasy, we can either schedule a more complicated show for a later time, or go at that moment. The base rate for Private Chat is 4k/Minute, but please tip the amount listed below to initiate a Private Show of your type of fantasy.

10K: Full Naked, Vanilla Acts, Masturbation, C2C until you Cum, Small Penis Worship, Small Penis Humiliation, Say Your Name, Call You Daddy, JOI, etc.

14k: WATCH ME PEE IN A CUP IN PRIVATE!!! I love that I can do this here. I would love to watch you pee or touch yourself while watching me. 5 Minute C2C Pee Session (maybe I will name that P2P) would be 40K!

Daddy Dom/little girl, Mommy Dom/little boy, Ageplay: 24k.

Menstrual Play!: I am so happy that I can finally share my menstrual cycle with you. I have always loved playing with my menstrual blood and can't wait to find people to watch me do it. My cycle is usually around the 25th of the month but it skips around so we will need to schedule this type of show. PLEASE PM if interested.