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Basic Profile

  • Name: Doloriferous
  • Age: 22
  • Gender: Female


  • Categories: Switch, Watersports, Underwear
  • Body: Normal
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Weight: 61kg (134 lbs)
  • Height: 168cm (5'6")
  • Hair Length: Shoulder Length
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Orientation: Bisexual

Languages spoken

  • English, Russian

About My Show

Bruised knees.
One of the few things that I can remember about last night.
Piss soaked pavements give sloppy kisses.
And bruised knees.
I knew she was a good time because she couldn’t keep the blood in her veins.
Good times don’t walk on two legs.
It’s hard to walk with bruised knees.

What Turns Me On

Darling little switch with a long list of sinfully perverse interests. Here is a small sample: manhandling, "look me in the eye while i'm hurting you", abduction play, adorable sadism, affectionate cruelty, age play, amputations, androgyny, astral sex, beating with bare fists, beatings as foreplay, begging, being slammed/pinned to walls, being tied up and left to struggle, belt whippings, blow jobs, boot licking, bruises, brutal burlesque, burlesque, cattle prods, consensual nonconsent play, control, cool and unusual punishment, creative sadism, crotch rope, cruel and demented experiments, cruelty, crying, drooling, emotional purging through physical pain, ethical sadism, face slapping, fear, fetchmargot, geeks, gentlemen who are not necessarily gentle men, golden showers, good whiskey, hair pulling, handcuffs, helplessness, intelligence, kissing denial, knives, leather babes, long walks on the beach, with sodomy., mind fucks, naked boys in my bed reading books, neck rope, not being touched, older men (silver foxes), orange soda, pig prods, pinching, sadistic rope, sensory overload, spitting, strap-ons, suffering for art, verbal humiliation and degradation, voyeurism, wartenberg pinwheels, watersports, whimpering.

What Turns Me Off

Lack of creativity + Lack of $$$!

My Expertise

Former Professional Dominatrix, who may have dabbled as a pro submissive a few times. Comfortable taking control, but also have a dark craving for the masochistic side of things.

Tip menu

5 Tips = 5 mins of verbal humiliation in public chat, 10 hand spanks/ 5 spanks with a wood spoon or spatula or paddle. Clothes Pin Nipple Clamps for 5 mins. Foot/Breast/Ass flash.
10 $ = Change outfit to your fantasy outfit. Clothes pin on tongue for 10 mins, JOI, Stuff as many ice cubes as I can fit into my mouth, pillow hump/ lapdance for two full songs. Nipple clamp ring gag. handcuffs, rope tie, diapers on!
15$ - Dildo tease/blowjob, 1 shock with the cattle prod/ taser, change into patent leather jumpsuit for 20 mins.
20 $- Ice Cube insertion pussy or ass. Blow up balloons and sit on them until they pop. Write anything on any body part in sharpie. Clothes pin clit clamp.
30 $- Keep any article of clothing off for 30 mins, Floss bondage. Piss in a cup. Candle Wax. Screaming O vibe. A pair of panties with 1 day of wear.
50 $- Hot sauce torment pussy or ass. Keep any article of clothing off the rest of the show. Buy my panties from this specific show after full day of wear.