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Tantanman 24 June in 02:40

Awesome!! Ami will talk to everyone and greet them personally!!! Definitely will be coming on to see her again!

jacobeat 22 October in 05:46


Brocas 18 July in 03:46

Such a wonderful person to talk to, and more importantly, clown around with! So hot, so clever. RECOMMEND

Lurmadox 26 April in 05:21

Sweetest of the sweets.

zudee 14 April in 05:12

the best

Mikaelsen 27 December in 09:03

not someone i would recomend, unless you want someone so awesome that you will get addicted in a flash.
hotnesslevel=dangerously sexy

baby_slave 4 November in 23:15

defiantly one of the best. i wouldn't think twice to spend any time with her. her shows are priceless

Kimi 3 November in 07:09

Adorable girl and adorable show! lots of fun

Skittles 30 October in 04:26

best cam girl ever

Mileena 17 October in 01:46

(Formerly Mileena19) still love this woman :) Shes awesome to hang around. And she doesnt take any freebies so dont even try! Ami is Awesome in all the right ways just treat her with the respect she deserves.

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